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If ther are important risks of clogging in the loading pannels of the conveyors we reccommand to set up impact section CORPACT® on conceleable frame :

  • one steady part in the middle
  • two concealable part in the middle parts on the both sides which allow clearing of the products on the sides of the conveyor belt.

This kit avoids long and dangerous operations to clear the loading funnels of the conveyor belts.

Châssis escamotable avec barres d'impact

Keep between the conveyor belt and the impact section CORPACTS® an interval from 18 to 30 mm. minimum, depending on the energy to absorb on the impact point when the materials fall down, which is function of their density and their thickners.



We recommand two CORPACT® impact section lenght maximum neverthelers it is possible to increase this lenght if at the middle distance rolls are set between each impact section CORPACT®.

According to the legislation, setup your belting conveyors with bearing frame for CORPACT® impact sections.

Châssis escamotable sans barres d'impact




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