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Protect your embankments of loading, rear of trucks, harbors, ships, pillars and borders of parking, and so on


The elasticity of the FENDERS permits to absorb the energy.

défense de quai

Definition :

Extruded profile :

In rubber whose section was study with special diagram of shock absorption, and with the support drawed for an efficient mechanical fixing.

Quality :

Synthetic rubber, chosen for its good resistance to wear, to shocks, to tearings, to the abrasion, to the sea water and for its elasticity.

Coulor :

Black as the standard available in stock, possibility to have it white or other colorations on the special request.

Length :

Standard 5000 mm without drilled fixation holes. The special execution can be made on the request: shorter lengths, angle edges, special lenghts (up to 25 m), prebended lengths, drilling of fixation holes according to the customer draws and so on.

Fixing :

two types of drilling, TO and B, can be execute as the standard according to here-bottom pitchs and holes dimensions (see the table, values in mm)
type A 1 hole on the basis,
type B 2 holes; one on the base, another one on the top.


Outside dimensions A drilling B drilling

défense de quai

percage a

défense de quai

percage b

  Ø D1 C E Ø D2 Ø D3 C E
40 x 22              
60 x 52 12 30 275 15 7 30 275
80 x 70 15 30 300 19 9 30 300
110 x 95 21 40 325 25 13 40 325
150 x 130 26 50 350 30 17 50 350
150 x 150 26 50 350 30 17 50 350

C : initial pitch from fender's edge to the first hole
E : standard pitch as the distance beween two holes

    Special drillings availables on request.

    We can assure the fixation of 40 x 22 fenders by glueing.




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