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Rubber profiles

suitable for multiple applications, in all fields industry - public works, building, tunnel construction, hydraulic and port works, shipbuilding, steel construction, container construction, ...

Our range of plodders allows us to produce very varied profiles weighing from 50 grs to 100 Kgs/metre; however the maximum section of the profiles must register:

  • in a circle with a diameter of 400 mm
  • in a square of 300x300 mm
  • in a rectangle of 340x250 mm
  • in a rectangle of 360x200 mm

We refer you to the table of general properties of the various elastomers. We commonly use natural rubber and synthetic rubbers: Polychloroprene, EPDM (Ethylene, Propylene, Diene-Monomer), Nitrile, Butyl, SBR, Polybutdiene, Hypalon, etc...

Our experience allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to your requests and to achieve the most reliable solution

We can on request specially carry out:

  • cutting to precise lengths
  • hole drilling
  • fillet weld and frame supply




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